A sensitive plant in a garden grew,
And the young winds fed it with silver dew,
And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light,
and closed them beneath the kisses of night.


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Level Ups: angelrose (Level 3), Donna (Level 3), Hotaru (Level 3), Marina (Level 2), Maron (Level 3), Rheanna (Level 3), Sasha (Level 3),
Masteries: Adelicya (jade), Adelicya (sunsets), Adelicya (garlic), Adelicya (lightning), Adelicya (cherries), angelrose (amethyst), angelrose (wisteria), angelrose (stars), Donna (beaches), Donna (bears), Hotaru (amethyst), Jennifer (moon), Marina (lilies), Maron (botodolphins), Maron (ametrine), Minty (volcanoes), Minty (stars), Nicolie (agate), Pam (tigers), Qualisa (robins), Qualisa (grandcanyon), Rheanna (sunsets), Rheanna (wisteria), Sasha (galaxies), Sasha (victoriafalls),
Good morning everyone. I want to apologize for the late update. The past couple of days have been pretty much life-changing... for the worse (I don't know if I really want to share that story right now) I'm not giving up on you guys though!! Unfortunately I have not made up new decks for this week (and yes, the next update will include the first member's favorite deck!!) so please take some extra wishes in exchange.


Updated: Weekly


You may take up to 2 cards from the same deck across all wishes.
[angelrose] I wish for everyone to take cards for "Fire In Alberta" to give well wishes to those of Northern Alberta who are displace from the fire.
[hotaru] Cards spelling out GRADUATION because my sister's graduating college this year
[adelicya] Choice cards spelling FINALS because my friend has her finals this week


wish(angelrose) took F-snowflakes01,I-mint20, R-robins01,E-emperorpenguins02,I-lightning05, N-moon19,A-amethyst13, L-lilies20, B-bears06,E-weepingwillows01,R-rubies03, T-sunsets08,A-agate20

wish(hotaru) took G-galaxies04, R-silver01, A-armadillos05, D-dolphins17, U-hummingbirds20, A-ametrine20, T-chocolatelab03,
I-cherries20, O-coral01, N-honeybees09

wish(adelicya) took F-victoriafalls19, I-kiwis02, N-volcanoes15, A-bats02, L-owls04, S-stars20

Comment by Pam @ 17 May 16

Wishes [FIRE IN ALBERTA]: fluorite08, ametrine03, ametrine04, caves13, dioptase16, snowflakes01, agate11, galaxies19, robins09, caves14, robins12, dioptase17, galaxies18
Wishes [GRADUATION]: agate12, rubies10, bears15, dolphins17, rubies15, sapphires09, botodolphins02, sapphires14, dolphins18, snowflakes06
Wishes [FINALS]: fluorite09, botodolphins03, grandcanyon16, pearls09, pearls11, bears16

Comment by Adelicya @ 17 May 16

Thank you so much! I hope things get better for you!


F snowflakes02
i wisteria05
r pearls06
e honeybees04

I lilies03
n hummingbirds05

A armadillos02
l pearls09
b bats04
e wisteria06
r hummingbirds06
t bats13
a stars14

G grandcanyon01
r armadillos03
a pinklake02
d grandcanyon20
u rubies10
a glaciers05
t stars08
i lilies04
o weepingwillows02
n honeybees08

F snowflakes03
i rubies14
n weepingwillows18
a garlic02
l pinklake10
s glaciers20

Comment by Carol @ 17 May 16

Thanks for the update! I hope you're doing okay

Comment by Rae @ 17 May 16

O_o it cut off the rest of my response! I'm grabbing:
F snowflakes01
I garlic13
R garlic14
E caves09
I lilies03
N volcanoes08
A caves12
L lilies02
B bats05
E volcanoes09
R coral02
T stars01
A waves08

G galaxies06
R glaciers08
A glaciers20
D meadows01
U sunsets18
A meadows02
T bats06
I galaxies07
O owls01
N moon05

F snowflakes02
I tigers15
N moon06
A waves04
L coral03
S stars02

Comment by Rae @ 17 May 16


Comment by Donna @ 17 May 16

Hope everything works out

Comment by Minty @ 17 May 16


[angelrose] Fire In Alberta
snowflakes05, galaxies03, coral02, beaches17, armadillos01, snowflakes04, galaxies08, seaturtles05, beaches18, sunsets01, coral01, stars02, waves01

[hotaru] graduation
gold01,stars03, waves02, armadillos12, pumpkins11, victoriafalls07, sunsets02, rubies12, robins04, moon02

[adelicya] finals
fluorite01, fluorite03, moon03, seaturtles08, gold02, robins05

Comment by Marina @ 18 May 16

(F) snowflakes02, (I) tigers09, (R) grandcanyon16, (E) cherries09, (I) lilies09, (N) pumpkins05, (A) caves01, (L) pinklake10, (B) botodolphins10, (E) cherries18, (R) sapphires03, (T) amethyst13, (A) beaches07

(G) tigers14, (R) sapphires08, (A) beaches17, (D) dolphins12, (U) pumpkins06, (A) glaciers12, (T) botodolphins17, (I) dolphins20, (O) grandcanyon20, (N) weepingwillows03

(F) snowflakes19, (I) lilies17, (N) weepingwillows15, (A) glaciers16, (L) pinklake14, (S) caves15

Hope you're doing okay :)

Comment by Nicolie @ 18 May 16

wish angelrose fire in alberta: snowflakes04, lightning01, rubies08, galaxies05, hummingbirds04, ametrine01, agate07, fluorite03, robins02, dioptase02, pearls01, tornadoes04, bats04

wish hotaru graduation: lightning02, rubies09, agate10, dioptase03, hummingbirds05, bats05, tornadoes05, sapphires02, moon02, ameterine02

wish adelicya finals: fluroite04, galaxies06, moon03, jade01, snowflakes06, robins03

Comment by angelrose @ 19 May 16

Thank you!


F fluorite18
I sapphires11
R rubies15
E amethyst07

I ametrine05
N cenotes19

A beaches01
L gold03
B beaches018
E cenotes05
R bears03
T ametrine15
A jade03

G gold06
R rubies01
A seaturtles03
D jade11
U seaturtles04
A bears06
T amethyst05
I wisteria06
O coral03
N emperorpenguins12

F fluorite20
I wisteria05
N emperorpenguins19
A waves19
L coral18
S sapphires02

Comment by Qualisa @ 20 May 16

FIRE IN ALBERTA: snowflakes14, pinklake, wisteria20, weepingwillows13, hummingbirds14, sunsets02, caves19, pinklake, hummingbirds05, cenotes17, grandcanyon, tornadoes14, meadows12
GRADUATION: grandcanyon, coral16, stars10, meadows04, sunsets03, galaxies12, T, mint04, moon18, moon15
FINALS: snowflakes10, wisteria07, cenotes01, caves09, coral08, stars05

Thank you!

Comment by Mysti @ 20 May 16

Ooooops, I made a mistake! This is the correct one:

FIRE IN ALBERTA: snowflakes14, pinklake02, wisteria20, weepingwillows13, hummingbirds14, sunsets02, caves19, pinklake19, hummingbirds05, cenotes17, grandcanyon14, tornadoes14, meadows12
GRADUATION: grandcanyon06, coral16, stars10, meadows04, sunsets03, galaxies12, seaturtles13, mint04, moon18, moon15
FINALS: snowflakes10, wisteria07, cenotes01, caves09, coral08, stars05

Comment by Mysti @ 20 May 16

Wish (Hotaru - GRADUATION): tigers14, tigers20, waves08, tornadoes10, rubies12, waves11, tornadoes13, rubies11, dolphins05, dolphins17

Wish (Adelicya - FINALS): fluorite01, emperorpenguins15, sunsets15, pearls10, pearls12, sunsets18

Wish (Angelrose - FIRES IN ALBERTA): fluorite15, emperorpenguins10, pearls08, pearls09, caves12, sapphires03, cenotes20, caves11, chocolatelab15, bears01, cherries18, coral01, lightning01, stars18

Comment by Sasha @ 21 May 16

Wish (Fire In Alberta): snowflakes06, dioptase05, rubies12, dioptase06, rubies16, snowflakes07, beaches04, fluorite03, beaches05, fluorite05, sapphires02, seaturtles01, sapphires03
Wish (Graduation): tigers02, seaturtles02, jade04, jade05, sunsets03, stars05, stars06, lilies02, bamboo01, sunsets04
Wish (Finals): victoriafalls08, tigers03, mint03, pearls01, lilies03, pearls02

Comment by Maron @ 22 May 16

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