A sensitive plant in a garden grew,
And the young winds fed it with silver dew,
And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light,
and closed them beneath the kisses of night.


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What is a TCG?

Online Trading Card Games are similar to the trading cards you knew as a child. Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive! Interested in joining? Check out the rest of this section before moving on to the join form!

Trade Post

Before you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also know as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards--at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

Levels & Level Ups

When you join Intrinsic, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels. The requirements for each level are posted here. The rewards for leveling up are 2 regular cards of choice, 3 random regular cards, and 1 random crestfallen card.

Level 1001-149
Level 2150-299
Level 3300-499
Level 4500-699
Level 5700-999
Level 61000-1399
Level 71400-1899
Level 81900-2399
Level 92400-2999
Level 103000+


Once you have collecting all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every regular card deck you master, you receive 2 regular cards of choice, 3 random regular cards, and 1 random crestfallen card.


The currency on Intrinsic is in the form of seeds. You will earn them by playing games and doing various other activities around the site. They come in "bundles" of one and two. Seeds can be traded to mother nature at the Mother Nature Nursury.

Crestfallen Cards

Crestfallen cards are bad things found in nature. Unlike regular cards, Crestfallen cards are worth -1. There are 10 cards in each Crestfallen deck. Once you master the deck, you must find a remedy. (For example, one crestfallen deck is E Coli. Search through the regular card decks to find something that may cancel out the E Coli.) The crestfallen deck must be mastered before the remedy deck. Once you have mastered the remedy deck you will receive a Remedy Master (RM) card (This is like the mastered badge for regular/crestfallen decks)! If you've already mastered the remedy deck before the crestfallen deck, you will need to re-master it in order to receive your RM. The RM card is worth 20 (10 to cancel out the crestfallen deck and 10 bonus worth for finding and mastering both the crestfallen and the remedy decks). I would suggest (especially if you are using eTCG) to have a special category JUST for your RM's to better keep track of your card worth. The differences in templates can be seen below:
Red DeckCrestfallen Deck
I understand that not everybody will want to have cards in their posession that are worth -1. Because of this you can trade in your crestfallen cards for regular cards at any time using the Crestfallen Trade In form found on the games page.

Featured Deck

Each month there will be a new featured deck. If you master the deck during that month, you will receive a Star to show off on your trade post.


This TCG is run by Rheanna. I will be playing games and taking freebies just as regular members do. I don't, however, get any rewards for making cards and donating.